Tamang sees pact in hill talks

The Telegraph

Siliguri, Dec. 23: ABGL president Madan Tamang today accused the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the Centre and the state government of entering into an “understanding” and planning to “impose” another council like the DGHC on the people of the hills.

The charge came a day after he lauded the fourth round of tripartite talks for taking the demand for Gorkhaland in the “right direction”.

Tamang, known for his diatribe against the Morcha, this time decided to air his reactions to the December 21 talks at a media conference here.

“Outcome of the so-called tripartite meeting and the information we have with us indicate that the Morcha and the two governments are into an understanding and trying to make a fool of the hill people. They are trying to impose another council on us and bury our aspirations,” Tamang said. “It is interesting to note that the Morcha raised Gorkhaland at the fourth round of talks and not earlier. We consider this as a victory of the hill people as their pressure prompted the Morcha leaders to raise the issue.”

The ABGL leader demanded that Morcha chief Bimal Gurung and leaders like Roshan Giri and Amar Lama take part in hunger strikes. “It is a question of supreme sacrifice. No GLP (Gorkhaland Personnel) was raised and no dress code was imposed in Telangana but the integrity of the top leadership in Andhra made the Centre sit up. Why can’t Gurung and others take the same route instead of forcing common supporters into the hunger strike?” Tamang said.

On one side, the Morcha leaders were asking the student wing to resort to hunger strikes, while, on the other, their own children are studying in Delhi, Bangalore and other places, the ABGL chief alleged. “The leaders should bring their children to Darjeeling and ask them to start an indefinite fast to prove their integrity.”


3 thoughts on “Tamang sees pact in hill talks

  1. i fully support your view. the so called leaders should set an example, not forcing the common poor people and students to sit on hunger strike. the movement will gain momentum if the leaders set an example. they should do what they want others to do. wake up people from the hills. do not let yourself be fooled by few power and money hungry people. open your eyes and look around and see if it makes sense.


  2. Gorkhs Daju

    ABGL chief Madan Tamang today (Jan 1, 2010) proposed a solution to the agitation for separate statehood in the hills: “inclusion of Darjeeling into Sikkim”. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    The swallowing of Sikkim by Gorkhaland would result in untold chaos and mayhem………… Madan Tamang again proves himself to be a very irresponsible and naive armchair politician………….

    First, Sikkim would never agree……………

    Then, the identity of the Indian Gorkha population would never be able to gain “recognition” as equal citizens in India…….

    Lastly, only Bengal would stand to gain from this move.


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