From KalimNews: Consumers relieved of paying dues of Electricity Bill


KalimNews:Roshan Giri, said that we will not leave the Dooars and plains till our last breath but for the present GRA we want atleast 30 percent of the proposed area. And the government should give us in writing about the future inclusion of other parts after the 2011 election. Center has assured us and we are also confident that within 2012 we will be upgraded to Union Territory. Roshan was speaking during an an interactive programme organised by JSTO a teachers’ wing of GJMM in Kalimpong for the clarification of the recent developments in the tripartite Talks and the demand of GJMM. In the panel were GJMM leaders Roshan Giri, HB Chhetri, Lalit Pariyar, Trilok Dewan, Amar Rai, Jyoti kr Rai and RB Bhujel who answered the questions raised by the audience in Ramkrishna Rangamanch.
Answering to the queries HB Chhetri said that consumers will not be levied the dues of the electricity and telephone bills, it will be managed by the center from any other fund.
Most of the speakers said that we have to rely on the governmental officers for governing GRA in an effective manner, so are in need of efficient and hill loving experts. Problem of Adhoc staff will also be settled in the next talks, they said.

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