Gurung snipes at CPM with vote offer

The Telegraph

Jalpaiguri, Jan. 27: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has offered votes to the CPM in the coming Assembly polls and wanted to know what the hills will get in return, while telling the Centre that Gorkhaland and Telangana should be created on the same day.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung also said party supporters stopped at Kumani by police were running out of patience and they might break barricades to enter the Dooars.

“Let Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Asok Bhattacharya come and sit at the table and talk to us. Let them tell me how many votes they need (in the assembly elections) from me. We will ask them what they will give us (Morcha) in return,” Gurung said at a public meeting at Kumani yesterday.

“The 2011 Assembly elections are imminent. We do not care who becomes the chief minister, then, we just want Gorkhaland.”

Gurung and thousands of Morcha workers have been camping at Kumani on the edge of the Dooars since January 19 when they were prevented from proceeding with a padayatra to Jaigaon. The rally that started at Gorubathan was scheduled to pass through the Dooars.

But police erected barricades at Kumani and clamped down prohibitory orders in the Dooars.

The Morcha chief pulled up both the Centre and the state on the outcome of the talks with Union home minister P. Chidambaram in New Delhi January 25. “Both of them should understand that they will be wrong if they think they can distract me by offering me lollipops. The day Telangana’s statehood is announced, we should get Gorkhaland also,” he said.

In a veiled threat, Gurung said the state government was using the police to push him and his supporters into the forests (near Kumani) and its consequences would not be palatable.

“Once the animals living in the forests enter human habitation, they can be dangerous. Our padayatra is undertaken in a democratic manner. I do not know for how many days more I will stay on the other side of the police barricade by following the laws in force. I cannot contain the simmering rage of my supporters and I do not know how long I will be able to keep them under control.”


One thought on “Gurung snipes at CPM with vote offer

  1. Devesh Subba

    I really dont understand why our leaders has to bargain for wht we will get. It is a known fact that all the party leaders in Kolkata are dead against creation of Gorkhaland. This proposal just seems like asking a mad dog not to bite. Come on netas stick to goals. I rather suggest that we should not take part in any of the elections to help set up govt in Kolkata, it is just like giving your daughter to drunk son in law and expecting your son in law not to drink after the marriage.


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