About kalimpong.info

About the site:

  • Established on March 3, 2005.
  • As the name suggests, kalimpong.info will have information about Kalimpong. Any news articles, trivia, pictures… anything that the administrators can get their hands on.
  • The site will be managed as a blog so the content will be updated regularly.
  • The site will alto try and collect information about Kalimpong businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels. In short, any information which would be regarded as useful for a visitor… or a resident.


  • Most of the articles on this site will be news-based. I will try and cull the latest news on Kalimpong available to me from various sources (online newspapers mostly).
  • If any reader wants to contribute any articles, you are more than welcome. In fact I hope the site would attract a number of individuals who would contribute articles (news, literary – stories/poems, pictures). You will be given full credit for your contributions of course.


  • admin @ kalimpong.info

114 thoughts on “About kalimpong.info

  1. Glad to find some information on Kalimpong and that you link to Wikipedia. I am an admin there and I wrote most of the article on Kalimpong. Was wondering if you could help out in improving the page. Also images (preferably copyright free) of the town would be a great addition to the site.

    You could contact me directly on wikipedia if you have any queries. My user id is nichalp.
    Type” User:Nichalp ” in the search box to jump directly to my page.


  2. John Murphy

    My daughter is teaching in a village near Kalimpong.

    Where can she get education materials from
    Paper, Card, Pens
    A chalkboard?
    Flashcards with both English and Nepali words?



  3. SIR,




  4. Juanita Mukhia

    This website, takes me back home to kalimpong. for the latest news update …. memoirs and pics on kalimpong specifically,the first thing i do as i log on to the net is visit kalimpong. info. Thankyou for bringing home closer… at times i know more about the happenings there , than my family in kpg itself.

    its cooool… love the photo albums.


  5. I am truly impressed by this website, for a small town like Kalimpong, this is a great acheivement. Kudos to its founder(s) for the great constructive imagination. The pictures by Chinlop are great and an eyeopener for folks outside wishing to visit this tiny heaven of ours. Keep up the good work!!!


  6. Nice to see a blog on the latest news from KPG. I am quite impressed and really this has made my day. I plan to head back to kalimpong one of these days to do a film on the GNLF conflict(15 years ago) and your blog is a great source for current news and other articles that I cannot get here in Montreal. Keep up the good work. I have subscribed to your feeds.



    I too was born and brought up in kalimpong.I studied in Kumudini Homes a very famous educational institution of that time.My great-grandfather and his six elder brothers came to this tiny village of Lepcha tribe roundabout at 1860 since then we are earning our livelihood there,now all our brothers except one have settled elsewhere,myself now settled in delhi I miss kalimpong daily,I remember the blue sky and the cool air conditioned weather and all my lovely friends of kalimpong very much I still remember the old nandram building where my college used to be and then we fought for the new college building and we were able to get it constructed also.My best wishes to all Kalimpongeons and anybody wishing to talk, they can contact me at ndsrka.india@yahoo.com
    thank you, yours a friend. ratan k agarwal


  8. ryan pradhan

    NOTICE: hi folks. i love kalimpong. i was born in kalimpong. it is simply amazing. i am into hollywood. precisely walt disney. i recently worked with M Night Shamilan in lady unded water, his latest movie. we are coming up with a new project. spy’s nest. a part of it will be shot in kalimpong. so wee need a cast. few men and women who can act really well. please post in your profiles to focus_ripperproductions@yahoo.com.


  9. hi
    I like to heartily thank to people who design the web site. I am far from my home town kalimpong but still I get the chance to read the news of KPG. Recently, I am leaving in New York, USA. But still I missed my home town KPG. I am really proud that I am from KPG. I never forget my home town and my school SUMI. Once again thank you very much. KEEP it on


  10. hello all my brothers sisters and fren i was born in kalimpong but now im in usa but still i love my birth place all my gorka brothers i live in d s gurung road in venus building i missed my place ill come to see my hometown next month ok i love u all my brothers and sistere peace


  11. Thanks SO much to this creators of this website. I was born in Kalimpong, studied in St Joseph’s and spent some of the happiest days of my life in Kalimpong.
    It’s been years since I went to Kalimpong or even saw pictures of Kalimpong. So today when my nephew sent me this link, I could’ve hugged him! I almost cried looking at the pictures, reading info/messages (some of the names on which I recognize).
    I want my son to know about my birthplace, my childhood – thanks for giving me the tools to do so. Now I can show him these pictures! And hopefully get in touch with some of my friends (If Mike Wong is reading this, are you Sharon’s brother?).
    Lastly, if you need any help/have troubles with this website, maybe I could help – I’m in IT too :). Send me an email at enquiry@desiVastra.com.



  12. Navin/New York City

    God Bless Kalimpong and blessed are those who are living there in perfect Harmony and still breathing fresh air and if I am not wrong still eating those organic food (?)straight from tiny backyard field… and blessed are those whoever created this website for bringing folks from different walks of life and the folks who are residing abroad, once again, so close to Kalimpong so close to our motherland and so close to that magnificient sleepy town on the ridge..
    Somebody (Libbie Fudim)said it right: “Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out.”


  13. Dear Ed,
    A few months back I had come across this site but was a bit disapointed to find that the site had not been updated since a long time but now I will make sure that I visit this site every once in a while as it seems that now there are some dedicated people working hard to give us a platform to voice our feelings through this site. Keep up the good work!


  14. Waseem Hasan

    I miss Beutiful People of Kalimpong. I was in Kalimpong in 1978. and I have some wonderful memory and i want to recover those memories by getting in touch with Nita pradhan. Please help me to find her????
    Thanks in advance


  15. sushil thapa

    why don’t you guys write something more abt the kanchan ko aludam and thukpa and all… i really miss them…love you kpg………….


  16. Adi

    Hey Guys !Good Job.Picture Collection is Just Awesome.
    But it Ought to be Updated more frequently..Especially the News Section!!
    Otherwise….Its a very Informative site.

    Cheers Adi


  17. Ajay

    Hi San,
    I dunno where are you,but probably you know the yearlong centenary celebrations in the yr 1986! All big bosses on grey suits with “Nec Tamen Consumabatur” mono, hurriedly participating in each and every events with precision!Do you remember Tears flowing down our eyes when the flag was being rolled out for another 100 years, we all imagined how lives would be by the year 2086!!! It means a lot when we are working on oil rigs off qatari coast only hammering & drilling sounds accompany you.THese memories really revitalize the nerves to live one more tommorrow.I feel proud to be an exsumian amongst Danish/British/American citizen on a drilling rig called “chuc syning”.




  18. Hello everyone!
    It was so nice to come across this site for the natives of Kalimpong.I myself have been out of Kalimpong for so many years and now out of India. They say that there is no other place like your motherland and truly you people living back there are very lucky.
    I wish this site all the best for future progress and would be more than happy to do the needful if required.

    Love you all!!!



  19. Mike

    Have friends in Kalimpong for the summer and they can’t find anything faster than dial up to send pics and video home does anyone know of anywhere in town??


  20. Vazir

    I happened to discover Kalimpong on Google earth a few days back and ever since been overwhelmed by everything thats got to do with it. I am a nature freak. I work for an MNC and contemplating quitting to move forever to Kalimpong. I need to know more about this place, things such as communications infrastructure, internet access, mobile connectivity, roads, cost of living, chances of finding a decent job, etc. Can someone please help?


  21. Hi
    to all the lovely people of Kalimpong, U people should feel lucky that you are in such a beautiful place. nice weather, cool air during Summer. I miss by birth place too. My message to Powfa is I have not seen u or heard abt you after our last meeting in Taipei in 94. My ID is amazing523@hotmail.com… do keep in touch. My good wishes to the creators of this great website….good work keep it up.
    Abdul (Saudi Arabia)


  22. saras

    hey sushil,u r rite,kanchan ko aludum n thupa is mouth watering ya..n acha ko lefing too..we can never get tat taste anewere..i really want to get back there n just eat till my tummy is full…..miss tat combination of achar n ‘jol


  23. Rinchen

    I’m trying to get in touch with all my old friends from Kalimpong. I miss everyone very much. Hopefully I can be intouch with some of you. This is Rinchen…from Druk Hotel…Kesangs sister. Well if any of you know me please email me at indiabhotia@yahoo.com
    Peace and love to all


  24. krishna roka

    Sun 27 July 1986 massacre at Kalimpong happened due to the instigation by Subash Gheising who was staying comfortably in Darjeeling and even now. The government of India hushed up and corrupted Subash Gheising to deceive the straightforward people of Kalimpong. I appeal to respected Bimal Gurung and all my beloved Kalimpong folks that the best way for progress of Kalimpong is to merge with the State of Sikkim. Let Subash Gheising and Darjeeling keep playing around . For Kalimpong the best policy will be to stay away from Gheising’s nonsense.


  25. i miss kpg very much.. now im in Japan but the warmth of kpg keeps striking me very much.. the people , the places.. the nature and my home ….. all far far away from me… anyways.. kip rocking Kalimpong ….|||||


  26. Anand

    After living in America for almost 20 years, I have been yearning to return to India and live a quite life, in a peaceful and pollution free corner, in harmonious integration with the local community. Kalimpong has come to my mind quite often…I have visited the area a couple of times in the early 70s. Then it was a paradise on earth for me. People were simple, there was no crime and the political turmoil’s of West Bengal hardly reached the distant hills. I am curious to know if it is the same paradise now ! Tell me how far insulated Kalimpong is now from mainstream corruption, crime, and parochialism that have characterised my old home country, India. I will be glad to be on your email list.

    Great Blog !! Congratulations and keep it up !


  27. prabin moktan

    dear anand
    i am happy that you still maintain such idealistic notions about kalimpong. however kalimpong today is a far cry from that idyllic place that you imagined it to be in the 70s. it is not a paradise by any stretch of imagination. i would therefore like to give you a brief reality check.
    as in the 70s the majority of the people are still poor, under educated and lacking in any meaningful employment. unlike the 70s however these unfortunates are not concealed in the background of the pristine natural beauty but out in the open as vocal but misled members of various political groups with a wide ranging set of political and social aspirations. the weather is still fine though we are not untouched by the unpredictability in rain fall patterns etc cause probably by issues such as global warning. this monsoon for example was a season of terrible misfortunes. there were major landslides that took lives. rehabilitation has been slow and there is no valid reason to expect that the next years monsoons will be any different. the roads are bad but that does not seem to deter people from buying vehicles. so if you come to kalimpong at the moment you may be shocked by the sheer number of cars that choke its lacerated roads. the kanchenjunga , if it’s view is not blocked by the mobile phone hoardings, has lost a lot of snow and it is possible for a discerning looker to see its mass of exposed rock where the ice has melted.
    like other parts of the world, media has made great inroads into the lives and imagination of the kalimpong folks. internet connectivity is good. cable television serves dollops of america and the west. internet pornography amongst the youth is endemic. gaming is everywhere. crime too has risen as the society has become more aspirational.

    this by the way is not meant to be a long litany of complaints. but if you had the notions of just falling off the map and starting life anew in sylvan surroundings peopled by charming, innocent people ignorant to the guiles and wiles of the modern world you will be in for a major surprise.
    but if you lower your expectation by a few notches then kalimpong still is the place to be.


  28. geetanjali

    dearest kalimpongites
    hi miss kpong like mad — i remember powfah where is he ? he was one of my firends bf in the convent .
    guys remember pala mithai


  29. riz khan

    Hi old condy Geetanjali, ya the great mithai..sometimes we used to eat along with the wrapper, it used to be wrapped with old news papapers…hahaha,,,geetanjali u also must have taken i presume…powfa is in Phillippines these days….but he is based in taipei….. yes he is still unmarried and looking for a nice damn…. to settle down,,,,


  30. Subrata Chatterjee


    I have lived 40 years in US and now into retirement. I am thinking of Kalimpong as a good retirement place. I am really attracted to the weather and the flowers. However, I have no idea of cost of living. I would like to rent a 3 bedroom house/bungalow with a little garden. My hobby is growing plants. Could anyone help me with the cost of such rental, are they readily available and how difficult is to get a High Speed Broadband connection? I do a lot of work over the net and therefore speed is important to me.



  31. Russel

    Does Kalimpong have any registered Home Builders (assuming that builders there need to have a registered building licence.) I am keen to have built a 2 bedroom cottage, and not sure what building materials are readily available in Kalimpong, or whether they need to be got from Siliguri. If someone could provide me with email addresses of some good reputable builders, it would be much appreciated.


  32. potr

    hi there mr chatterjee,
    there are many houses on rent in kalimpong but it is maint built to house outstation students who come here to study. Atisha Road ,8th mile would be a wonderful place to live in and there are a few houses available on rent. broadband service is available but frequently gets disrupted during the monsoons due to land slides. the cost of rent deends from house owner to house owner it would generally come to rs 3000 to 6000 depending on the size of the house


  33. preeya(Known as Andy)

    Hi Folks,
    Was really excited wen i happen to come across this site…..Well if you happen to cum thru this site my (classmates)Rockvalites(Pema,Pris,Norz,)just wana let u know that am terribly missin you….Am currently in Dubai recently married….so dnt 4get to leave a single line in the email id mentd above….


  34. Khem Pradhan Fatimi

    Great site, beautiful shots. It helps me to keep in touch with what is going on in my home town which I left in 1959!!! I went to DGH and ISc from NP
    Kalimpong has changed over the years, mostly for the better. I still love my visits there, and I and my family do go quite often from NY. I think the view of the Himalayas from DGH early mornings as tthe early morning rays set it alight, is the most beautiful site I have ever witnessed. I am inclose touch with my relatives and friends there. Glad the people have united for a Gorkhaland and hope we will be successful this time. Email me at khemfatimi@gmail.com if anyone remembers me, and would like to keep in touch. Khem Pradhan Fatimi


  35. lhendup sangpo bhutia

    hi rinchen(druk hotel),this is lhendup from SAS,its been a long time that we had a word.i think u left for NY in 1996…… ever since havent heard a word from u.saw ur message today.i miss the old day…….rishi and me we often talk abt u .i hope u get this message as early as possible.my email address is lhendupsangpo@yahoo.com


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