About kalimpong.info

About the site:

  • Established on March 3, 2005.
  • As the name suggests, kalimpong.info will have information about Kalimpong. Any news articles, trivia, pictures… anything that the administrators can get their hands on.
  • The site will be managed as a blog so the content will be updated regularly.
  • The site will alto try and collect information about Kalimpong businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels. In short, any information which would be regarded as useful for a visitor… or a resident.


  • Most of the articles on this site will be news-based. I will try and cull the latest news on Kalimpong available to me from various sources (online newspapers mostly).
  • If any reader wants to contribute any articles, you are more than welcome. In fact I hope the site would attract a number of individuals who would contribute articles (news, literary – stories/poems, pictures). You will be given full credit for your contributions of course.


  • admin @ kalimpong.info

114 thoughts on “About kalimpong.info

  1. Glynis Johnson

    There is a dance in aid of DGH on the 29th May in Croydon. Would as many UK OGBs please support this fundraising effort. Tickets are £10 and you can bring your own food and drink. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO JOIN IN AND RAISE MONEY FOR THE SCHOOL THAT GAVE US ALL SO MUCH.


  2. Naresh Periwal

    Nice to get in touch with this site. I am from the 1977 ICSE Batch of St Augustines School, Kalimpong. The palce still haunts me even in my dreams though I have left aorund 33 years back. I would love to have contacts with my batchmates.


  3. Bhakta B.Lama

    I visited K’pong in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the surroundings. I plan to retire in K’pong so have bought a small plot of land for my future cottage (to be built). However, I worry about the people. My small head and narrow thoughts does not agree with the current G’land idea for just the Darjeeling district. I think the fight to get separated from Bengal and to establish G’land would be to merge back to Sikkim where it belonged before the British persuaded the then King of Sikkim for their Sanitorium and summer place. Now Sikkim is part of India, so it would be simpler for the people of either side to ask for a merger back and create a bigger geographical territory of Gorkhas including Bhutias, Lepchas, Dukpas etc. I Can’t understand why Darjeeling politicians are sooo narrow minded to ignore the original history and ask for just Darjeeling which is unlikely to be accepted unless unified with Sikkim.



    Dear Editor, Kalimpong News, I am so very grateful for your online news which is very informative especially for us currently living outside India. I hear a lot of confusion regarding the Gorkhaland campaign and all the internal communal fights like murder, extradition etc. which are not healthy for the community as a whole. Darjeeling needs to be separated from Bengal and no matter what happened during the British reign when Darjeeling was ceded to India while Sikkim the legal and rightful owner of Darjeeling was an independent kingdom, but now Sikkim is a part of India and the Indian govt. should without having to be asked by any resident of Darjeeling should give back Darjeeling to its original owner the Sikkim. I think only Mr.DK Bomjon and his party currently seems to be in the right direction to ask for the merger of Darjeeling with Sikkim. This will solve the problem all the Gorkhas, Lepchas, Bhutias, Dukpas and any other ethnic group of the region. Well done, Mr. Bomjon, keep it up and your noble and honest effort will eventually succeed, there is no other way out of Bengal for Darjeeling.


  5. Ajay Rai

    Kalibanian………Happy Dusherra & Dipawali to you all.Enjoy you time and life happily with your dear & near ones and never fight with each other for a small issue.Let’s do something for Gorkhaland ……………….let’s pay something today for better tommorow………..



  6. aditya

    hi ppl….i know sme1 from kalimpong with whom ive lost all contacts…her name is megha mothey,my efforts are restircted to just a mere google search..nebody with ne information on her…plz get back to me,she stays near kanchan cinema hall,in kalimpong…


  7. Meena

    I am trying to get in touch with my childhood friend Sanju Gupta from Calcutta who was married to Santosh(Bunty) Gupta from Kalimpong. They had a very old sweetshop by the name of “Hanuman Mistanna Bhandar”. Can anyone please tell me if this sweetshop still exist? If someone can get me the contact no. of this shop, I wud be very grateful.


  8. Ajoy Rai

    Jai Gorkha to all Gorkhali………..
    I Watched Live interview of Shri Harka bahadur Chettri on “Star Anand” a ago and i indeed happy and feel proud that we have a great personality like “Harka sir” in our Society.There was a time when our forefathers used to say”Itt ka Jawab Pather se Denge” but now i realized that “Khatar/ Prosner Jawab ta bhalo Bhawe Dite hobe just like “Harka Sir”……..
    Really,I respect your, I adore you………..we have to learn so many things from you…………………May God be with you always….


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