About Kalimpong

This wiki article does a pretty good job of describing Kalimpong.

Since there has been so much written about Kalimpong online (not all of them very accurate unfortunately), I am simply going to add the better ones to the list of links.

92 thoughts on “About Kalimpong

  1. dolma chozom

    Its amazing that I was just surfing the net and came across this website about kpg. I left kpg in the year 1980 and have been back only once in 1996, I was from sjc and now being so far away from kpg I really miss it so much that I can’t wait to go back and settle down there for good. It was very nostalgic to see all those photos from kpg, it was a very happy place,thanks for the pictures.


  2. noam 4rm dubai

    its great to find a web about kalimpong,the place i love so much.
    but make it more informative and update in regularly.

    Thanks noam


  3. leena/NY

    hey kpg
    wassup??? i’m missing kalimpong a lot. wats goin on in RVA??? i miss it a lot.hope everythin is gion’ cool. RVA will be in my heart always.bye…
    kalimpong rocks.


  4. Satish Chettri

    Wow! Fascinating site of our beloved & unforgettable Kalimpong. I may be saat Samundra paar at this time but Kalimpong is in my heart and will in it beforever. God loves Kalimpong and everyone who lives in there. Luv you all there. Bless you all! take care! and take care of Kalimpong!


  5. Rudra Ghimiray

    It is a great delight to find this site with all information, latest news, pictures and archives of Kalimpong.

    Once, I was a student there in SUMI for 4 years and I likes this place very much. During that time I used to stay in Upper Cart Road, near Army camp in Mr. Sunil/Sushil/Sudesh Pradhan’s house. It was so homely that I even used to forget my hometown – Bhutan for most of the time. All three brothers of that family were so kind and helpful and still good ofcourse. I am missing all of them now. And I ofcourse love the hilly spots of Kalimpong like Dhelo, Durbin, View point/My place etc. very nice ans scenic areas to visit and relax for some time in the nature’s coolest places.

    I hope I can again visit Kalimpong in future and recollect all those past school days and the stay in Kalimpong.

    This website of yours made me feel like I am again reached there.




  6. richard

    there,well i’m from kpg want to put kpg on the world map make things more interesing for those who check out our place so coming straight to the point lets get in touch mail me.

    hope to hear from u-richerd


  7. wazup my brothers and sisters of kalimpong i was in klimpong last month i came back home after 12 years from usa to meet my family its was great lots of fun and good memories i love my hometown and ill be back again in 2011 till then god bless kalimpong and peace out to my bro and sis west side


  8. Krishnendu Das

    I am looking for my friend Mr. Indra Bhandari of Relly Road, one of my class friend at of Derjeeling Polytechnic. We were in same batch there. Our batch was 81-82 batch.


  9. Dear Friends,
    THANK GOD for the beautiful KALIMPONG which is far more scenic and comfortable place in comparison with all the lands of the world. We just completed 6 years and entered into 7th year of editing and publishing HAMRO SANKALPA, the Nepali Christian Digest. It is published in March, June, September and December every year. Till date we have published 25 issues. You might have read the news of Himalayan Mispah Institute, 12th session during September 2008.



  10. Sommelier Sandeep K.C.

    Kalimpong is never ever ending memories that recites a poem even though you are in your enterpernship years. Myself being completed my WBSE from there has hell lot a memos. I miss there today if i am sucessful coz i was student of SUMI.
    Thanks to SUMI and Kalimpong and all those memories. I miss my batch mate from 96

    any possibles please contact me at

    sandeep k.c.
    or call me at 977 9841333628

    adios guys


  11. Its gud to see the website of Kalimpong in internet but there is still lot of place to improve. Kalimpong should also be kept clean, and also include the surrounding areas of Kalimpong like Lolay (My birth place), Delo, Pudung, Durpin, Jhandi, Algada, Samsing, Budhabare etc….its really nice place and it would be great to see all these places in the site and also the site should be a improved….Hope to see some changes in future….Gud luck (i miss my birth place)


  12. Dev

    Well even though we are away from our home town Kalimpong info DAINANDINI & Kalimpong Press club makes us feel at home we get all the homeliness we need away from home…. miss you all Gorkhali.

    Jai Gorkha ( Lord Bless Kalimpong )


  13. Dev Ojha

    DAINANDINI has done a great job Bravo… I do personally Vote Badal who had been forgotten, He is the Hero of the HEROS, though the people might have forgotten you but you are in our heart as a Hero and will always remain…


  14. Dev Ojha

    Every Dog has its Day , Every Cloud has a silver lining, We shall win our battle and Gain our Beloved Sahid’s Dream and Make Girkhaland…. Lord Bless Kalimpong & Gorkhaland.


  15. Its good to see Phurba bro here and had a small conversation on phone. Dyaam its chinlop who made this blog. You are one hell of a creative mind. Remember you took picture of monster lizard in drain of SUMI and rumor started going around about dinosaurs in Kalimpong.

    keep in touch bro and cant wait to meet you.


  16. Sonam

    All dreams and wishes don’t come true unfortunately.The LTTE after fighting for almost 30 years with sophisticated arms and ammunitions were defeated and their leader Prabhakaran and his family brutally murdered.So keep dreaming………….


  17. Dear Friends,

    What a pleasant it is to go through Kalimpong info and be informed about our Dearest Kalimpong. Wherever I go, I pray for my beautiful Kalimpong and her prosperity with gentle peace.

    For those concerned friends, we have completed our 30th batch of Himalayan Mispah Institute Training where we had trainees from Dehradun, Shillong, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Nepal, and off course, from Kalimpong. This time we taught them not only on the Discipleship and Servant Leadership, but also about HIV/AIDS, Handicrafts, and SEED (Something to Eat Every Day) Training. We shall conduct the 14th Batch from 24th August.
    Rest fine. Let us work hard to make Kalimpong a model city free from the pollutions. -Dr. Paul Subba, Mispah Centre


  18. sylvester rai

    hi miss everything about kalimpong as iam working far from home it was really nice of u guys it gives me an opportunity 2 connect with my home town



    We are going to carry out survey for Teesta Hydro-electric project near Teesta Bazar area.

    Please give us some view about the present situation there.

    Will we be able to work unhindered? will the local people provide the necessary assistance to our team.

    How is the weather condition there?

    looking forward for your information.


  20. rinzin

    my dearest & nearest kumar & my friends & kalimpong vally wishing u a very very happy new year 2011. after a long long time, i miss u too,where are u? i am in kolkatta with my family.



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