For now, I will not maintain a gallery of Kalimpong (hills) related photographs on this site. now has a Picasa Web Gallery. There are a few albums online now and hopefully we can increase the collection of photographs in this gallery.
Instead Also, I’ll try and add as many links to other online picture collections.

Links to other sites with pictures of Kalimpong (not in any particular order):

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have photographs to share.


207 thoughts on “Photos

  1. sonam

    i feel close to home whenever i log on to this website. i can actually picutre myself the place, the people whenever i read the news. thank you to everyone behind this site.

    WOULD be really nice if you could have section like ktv and other local news channel in your web page.

    happy new year to everyone.


  2. manisha

    hello kalimpong
    i miss u sooooooooooooooo much and all my jubilee high school teacher and friend batch 2010

    manisha tamang 10 mile i leavre in delhi right now so plz cont me who knows me


  3. Powfa

    hello dulal, namaste!! Yes i remember you. How can we forget our neighbours. We are all ok and doing fine. Dad is in taiwan with Leo. Edward is in Delhi. Leemoi is in Taiwan also. Leefong in Toronto, Canada. I am in the Philippines due to my nature of my business. I am into entertainment biz. But i live in taiwan. Mom passed away long time back. And lee shong too passed away last year due to long time illness. How is your family doing? My regards to all. Hope to visit kalimpong in near future. I miss kalimpong so much… (too many great memories of my childhood). You may contact me via email at:


  4. Hello my friend,

    My name is Tenzing Sherpa and I am originally from Kalimpooing based in Kathmandu, photography is my hobby and I do take lots of pictures of Kalimpong landscape, Mt. Kanchangunga, Festival of Kalimopong plus people of Kalimpong and famous hat bazaar.

    I would like to upload some of my Kalimpong pictures but I didn’t know how should i do it? I will appreciate if you could advice me.

    Thanks and regards


  5. Warm Greetings Kalimpong !

    How can i forget those wonderful days spent in KPG.(cwc)

    I miss u KPG(CWC). Though i am far away but your sweet memorries alys be in my heart.



  6. Kailash Chhetri

    Kalimpong,a beautiful place,my home town,only can be visited in Dashai and Tihar…
    At present, much too crowded, even it looks ever beautiful.


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