For now, I will not maintain a gallery of Kalimpong (hills) related photographs on this site. now has a Picasa Web Gallery. There are a few albums online now and hopefully we can increase the collection of photographs in this gallery.
Instead Also, I’ll try and add as many links to other online picture collections.

Links to other sites with pictures of Kalimpong (not in any particular order):

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have photographs to share.

207 thoughts on “Photos

  1. dolma chozom

    This is a wonderful site, it brings back so many happy memories, I was a josephite batch of 1980 so if there are any josephites from my batch please ctc me at some of my class friends that I remember are diki dolma, samdup butia, anjula lama, marina namchu, the rest I don’t remember anymore becoz its been a long time,the last time I was in kpg it was 10 years ago so a lot has changed but kpg is always the best. By the way powfa(emmanuel liang)maybe u don’t remember me but I do, u used to date anjula lama from my class and u had a shoe store just below the girls high school “wanley and sons'” right, well its a long time but its nice to know u r doing fine. I have been in nyc for the past 20 years and can’t wait to go back to settle there for good. chao kpg


  2. Bhupal Gurung

    Hello Kalimpong and kalimpongee…
    its me Bhupal Gurung all the way from pokhara but have a sweet memories of kalimpong still in my mind. how can i forget mela ground specially the football that i played from SUM Heroes. And i think i can never ever forget the main road for kalimpong,, Guys from SUMI specially who passed 12th in 1998… im really dying to contact you guys … pls mail me if you come across this message,,, currently i’m in the U.K.. Bikash, Rusant, Tashi everybody pls mail me if u receive this msg.


  3. Hi kalimpong! Missing that hill, place a lot. Joined school(RVA) in 1998 and from that moment KPG has been mine second home land.Also from pokhara. Love it. Now studying in the UK(Portsmouth), was thiking of visting Kpg when i get some time..
    Suggestion for the website: would be more beautiful if there were more photographs of KPG and all the school events etc. what bout the 15th august?
    miss u all people in KPG. Jope to C lots from the site. d:-)


  4. hi to all the sugary friend,where were u all in this following day………………on…………..
    and …………………on.Let me know ur all reason and howabout health don’t be selfish when you
    all working because selfish not buy money,friend to
    stay for eternity……..dedicated to all during
    the schoollife in saptashree gyanpeeth kalimpong
    all the in every work


  5. m3learn

    after a long time nic 2 c kalimpong a was completely bored surfing hia n tere bt viewing kalimpong in internet is a different experience hop 3 view kalimpong everytim wem m at cyber cafe.


  6. lhendup

    hi rinchen(above druk hotel) i do remember u.its been a very long time since i last heard from u.i guess u left for new york in 1996 and never heard from u since then.rishi and me we always talk abt if u happen to read this message do email me or u can call me in 9811713557.a friend to remain lhendup sangpo bhutia


  7. Valerie Logozzo

    Hello, its has been 59 years since I was in St. Joseph’s Convent my surname use to be Reardon, at that time all the nuns were Irish,French and Swiss, I have wonderful memories of my school days. If anyone remembers me please write, I would love to hear from old friends….Valerie


  8. thumpara

    It’s really wonderful to see the testimony of so many wonderful people.I certainly agree, with most of them;Kalimpong really has something which you never find anywhere else in the planet…


  9. candy

    i miss kalimpong dearly,its my birthplace n my parents LIVE there too.i read about the comment made by Mrs.Tseten Lama n it brought back the memories of my childhood days at school. living in sydney now.ITS BEEN LONG N im sure u dont remember any of your students from TPS,u wer my class-teacher in std.2.u left school in mid term to come to australia.THAT MUCH WE STUDENTS KNEW at that time.WE ADORED U.u used to live in 10th mile at that time.its gr8 n it brought back memories i had almost forgotten.


  10. Kalimpong is the only one place in the world where i can live, cause i have been visited all around the world.
    “Pahadi hawama hurkea pahada ma khele badre”
    “yahin mero ghara bari yahin mero shathi sanghi”


  11. PowFa

    Hello Angela & Dolma Chozam, Its nice to know that you both still remember me. I hope you both fine and doing well. Angela i am impressed that you still remember mw playing volleyball.. its been a long time and i miss playing volleyball and football which used to be my 2 favourite sports. And as for Dolma Chozam, my thumbups that you still spell my name correctly and that you still remember me that i was dating anjula lama back then… hehehe. Anyway Angela n Dolma, heres my email address, stay in touch.


  12. Malti Schriek (Rai)

    I was just surfing the net and came across the website about KPG.Thanks for bringing me back down in my beautiful hometown.Ita amazing.Thanks who ever created this site Excellent Job.I left KPG 1992 and have been there 2005 and i hope next summer 2009 i will be there.My love and regards to my freinds Indreni Pakhrin,Prativa Thapa and others .Take care and smile.

    Hi Kushmita,
    Are you from KPG?Where do you live in Germany?It would be nice to meet you.I have been living in Germany with my Family for the last sixteen years.


  13. sasoniannn

    im missing kalimpong alot,everything about it.even more now cuz i spent the best 2months there early this year.the structure may have been a lil different then the last time i was there,but the spirit has not changed. even though ther was no a whole lot to do but i still found myself waking up at 6am,just watching school kids and people getting water from the street water peipes.
    born and raised in kalimpong.did most of ma schooling in st augustines school.icse batch of living in orange county,california..anyone form that bacth..hit me up…..tsephel nuba


  14. Navin

    “Home Sweet Home” Kalimpong, I’ll be Airborne by the last week of September to see you again – so help me God with strike free month….


  15. i love my kalimpong very much.
    yo geet mero pyaro kalimpong lai sath sath mero pyaro maya vhawana lai (my fellings)
    कहिले कही त मेरी माया सपनी मा आये हून्त्यो,
    मीठा मीठा मन का बात सुसेली मा गए हून्त्यो,
    झिल्मिलौथे मन का तारा तिम्रो छाया पाए पछी,
    फूले को त्यों जोवन तिम्रो येतई तीर झरे हून्त्यो,
    मीठा मीठा मन का बात सुसेली मा गए हून्त्यो,
    परखी बसचू गोधुली मा सूर्य जब खसे पछी,
    धेरै पीडा पर्खई मा तिमिले सबै बूझे हून्त्यो,
    कहिले कहीं मेरी माया सपनी मा आये हून्त्यो,
    मीठा मीठा मन का बात सुसेली मा गए हून्त्यो,
    चोट लाग्चा खबर तिम्रो न पाए पछी,
    मन का कूरा तिमले मलाई स्क्रेप मा लेखे हून्त्यो,
    भावना मेरो मन को तिमले बूझी दीये हून्त्यो
    म संग प्रीति को नाता तिमले जोड़े हून्तो
    मन चोरी लाने हजूर पनी,
    अफ्नो मन छोड़े हून्त्यो नि,
    नत्र चोरे को मन संग अफ्नो मन जोड़े हून्त्यो नि,
    सम्जिंचू तिमीलाई सदै भरी,
    मेरी माया मन मा तिमि सदै छाए हून्त्यो,
    कहिले कहीं मेरी माया सपनी मा आये हून्त्यो,
    मीठा मीठा मन का बात सुशेली मा गए हून्त्यो
    timi jaha pani cha-


  16. Rebecca Lepcha

    Thanks a lot for those lovely photos…..I was dere in Kpg for almost 6 yrs for my studies……lookin @ the pics..I really felt lyk runnin 1000000 miles and come dere….I really miss ma school and hostel days….Dose pork momo’s of new resturant, aludum,thukpa and off course fumbi….my lyf was great though i didnt realise dose days… watever….I LOVE and MISS Kal so mch……..Mumah!!!!


  17. Hemant Mittal

    This is Hemant from Kalimpong,i miss those school days which i spent in Kalimpong.I love kalimpong very much,i love capturing kalimpong pictures.


  18. Dev.Ojha

    I miss Kalimpong ” I dadicate my song School days ” to Toddlers & SUMI miss you guys … It’s been out of sight and out of might…..


    Lord Almight Bless Kalimpong and All the Creation Lord Has Created…… AMEN.

    Romans Chapter : 10 Gives the meaning to our Life.


  19. kushmita

    i am kushmita. just wanted to know if anyone is living in germany who are nepali and come from kalimpong??? would be great to know…
    greeting all of you,


  20. Malti Schriek (Rai)

    Hi Kushmita,
    Ja,ich komme aus Kalimpong und lebe seit 1992 in Dortmund,und Du? Wo wohnst du denn? Es wäre schön, wenn wir uns treffen könnten. Schreib auf dieser Seite in welcher Stadt du wohnst.
    Schönen zweiten Advent.
    Grüsse Malti.


  21. Navin

    ..been there to Kalimpong in Dashai/Tiwar of 2008 and had lots of fun and have seen many changes too for example ” Main Road has Bocome Van Road & the footpath has become Fruit Path” because you’ll see only Maruti Vans parked and selling fruits by narrow side-walk… Traffic has become very heavy in between Teesta to Siliguri, roads are awful so you need a good deep tissue massage after every trip you’ll make to anywhere, this is my sincere advise but still my Kalimpong is standing gorgeous…


  22. amit kr gupta

    Hi All,

    my friends and my dearest people of kalimpong.i am really greatfull to this site provider.HAPPY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE.still i cant forget my school S.U.M.I.wht we called it KALO RE SETO,our principal N.R PRADHAN Gauri bet.Those jokes from our school teacher.missing Alu Thukpa,MoMo,dalay etc ,,


  23. Navin

    if anyone from Bhutanese re-settlement areas come across this message or this website, I would love and eager to find out if my old school days long lost friends are also re-settled in USA, any clues or phone numbers of anybody I could get from anyone will be highly appreciated. I am longing to meet my school days friend badly…..most of them were from Sarbhang Bhutan..


  24. lhadup bhutia aka gangsta

    waz up my brother and sisters of kpg i miss my home town and my boys frm 20th mile alghra pedong and d.s.g road yaa im chilling like a villian in us living my life large big mansion driving bmw and chilling hello to gaulan uncle andd regards to all my family love u guys peace out a town 1


  25. phintso tashi

    hey everyone…
    Born and raised in Kalimpong, 1991 batch out of SAS.
    even though I left SAS after the seventh grade. I do have vivid memories of SAS and Kalimong.Ride back to town in Pemba dajus jeep..the momos… Convent girls (with due respect to the girls high school!)…just those memories make living it so much better. I am in New York now.Feel free to contact me if the name rings a bell.

    Love a peace
    Prays for kalimpong and kalimpongays !#??? what else do we call ourselves, please correct me !


  26. sagar chhetri



  27. sagar chhetri

    i am having tears in my eyes after looking the pictures of kalimpong because it is my home town i have spend my childhood in kalimpong after a couple of years saw this images of kalimpong and recollected the memories of my childhood saw all the images lots of things have been changed in kalimpong structure but one thing for sure my memories of kalimpong is not changed .I love kalimpong i will come back soon .


  28. Shahid Sultan

    Hi friends I m in Mumbai and I really miss my home town Kalimpong, My parents, Friends, My school SUMI, Hat Bazar, Dambar Chowk, Collage park. Dont go any where from Kalimpong coz Kalimpong is HEAVEN.


  29. Shahid Sultan

    Hi friends I m in Mumbai and I really miss my home town Kalimpong, My parents, Friends, My school SUMI, Hat Bazar, Dambar Chowk, Collage park. Dont go any where from Kalimpong coz Kalimpong is HEAVEN. ” MERO MAYA, TIMRO MAYA HAMRO KALIMPONG, JAI GORKHA, JAI GORKHALAND”


  30. Junkiri

    Hi Mr. Chinlop,

    Great images, no doubt about it. Being a serious/semi professional I had a chance a lot to learn a lot from your style of work.

    Hope to see your exhibition someday.

    Hong Kong


  31. Junkiri

    Mr. Rao,

    really wonderful work and your sense of style in placing subjects in the frames are exquisite. Hope to meet you someday if I have a chance to drop by KPG.

    till than,



  32. Clara Almeida

    Gr8 to read such beautiful comments abt Kalimpong. Used to be from Calcutta. Finished schooling from St Josephs, 1984 batch. If theres anyone around from that batch do leave yr comments and I’ll get in tuch.


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