For now, I will not maintain a gallery of Kalimpong (hills) related photographs on this site. now has a Picasa Web Gallery. There are a few albums online now and hopefully we can increase the collection of photographs in this gallery.
Instead Also, I’ll try and add as many links to other online picture collections.

Links to other sites with pictures of Kalimpong (not in any particular order):

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have photographs to share.

207 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Hi every body …… name is francis…i was brown in KLIMPONG….Bt rt nw i’m in New Delhi
    ……. i really miss my birth place….hope u all r …enjoyng there…so all gyes try 2 keep clean & Green…sabey lai GORKHEY SALAM…


  2. Samson



    Ma Bir chu kina ki ma Murkha Chu… it’s time to change our attitude .. Birta is not well defined being murkha or Arrogant… Diplomacy, Play smart not Hard,,, the smarter we are the easier our destiny be… hope you all agree…. if not just comment and let me learn more… Jai Gorkha Jai Gorkhaland.


  3. Samson

    Purba Ko Nayno Kiran Pachim ko Sittal Pawan … Uttar Ma Kanchendzonga … Chhari Dakshin ma Teesta ko Jal Tarnag.. Jaha Gauchha Neuwle sumadhur Swarma … Pahad ko Kakhai ma… Himal Ko Pakaha ma.. Hamro…. yo Swarga jhai sundar thau… Gorkhaland.. We need it .. it’s not a want…


  4. Esther

    Miss good old KPG….noticed some familiar names like Powfa…remember me?? I was Ruth & Elizabeth Tharchin’s cousin and a friend of your sister Leemoi. Now married with Khare Basnet (footballer) and settled in the States. My email is


  5. Navin/Tirpai Bazaar

    What i miss here most about kalimpong & hills is that wet, dark monsoon & survival of those non-stop rainy season with pair of shoes and a bamboo stick umbrella and if lucky sometime with that “Barsaati”.
    The most beautiful picture ever remains in the back of my mind is that moment when rain stops for a brief moment, the cloud disperse and that most magnificient bright sunshine comes out from nowhere for maybe half an hour and you can have a glimpse of those white clouded mountains in distance is the most spectacular memories of my life remains there for forever….


  6. navin

    oh monsoon ! in kalimpong is so charming although it is quiet long & wet but its’ still charming, you don’t see nothing in horizon for months but its’ still charming. Clothings, shoes gets wet beyond ones imagination but still the smell of that mud and rain, nowhere to be found but only in kalimpong… oh! kalimpong you are the place i want to born again if i ever have to…..


  7. shyam shah

    Its not true that the medium of instruction in sumi is Nepali.I was the student of S.U.M institution in the year of 1977.My great Principle was P.R Pradhan (Tiger) so please don`t write nonsense things ofcourse,we had Nepali,Hindi ,Bengali and other languages too,


  8. navin

    surprised to see that nothing is happening in here, seems admin is in long vacation or the web site got frozen…just curious


  9. urmila

    Hello,Iam urmila[tinku],Iam from kalimpong,near kalimpong college ,well now Iam in uk and settled with my husband rajeev rai and two children ,he is in the british army.I always miss my kalimpong,my relatives and my friends.


  10. To Shyam Shah, comment #160:

    Thank you for your comment. You may have misread the information in the list of schools. The list correctly shows that SUMI’s medium of instruction is English.

    For clarification however, I did double check and was informed that the medium of instruction from Class 1 till Class 6 is Nepali, and for the higher classes it is English.



  11. Transhimalaya

    my father,phupa jyu,my eldest brother and my self once student of SUMI..i really miss primary school football day at carmical(?) ground jus above the hostel,though i dont played football mostly but enjoy looking after used bullets and picking wild leaves ( PAAN) mix with banmara ko phool……we used to take bottle full of rato mithai juice…………..missing you SUMI..


  12. phintso tashi

    So true,
    How so little gave us so much then (or there ??)Contentment is in the air.I have never been as excited in my life as I was, come 15th August…the dust, the colors, army band, the football finale..
    Mela ground … a world in it own..

    So how was August 15th this time ???
    I mean how was it ?????


  13. Bikash

    Hello everyone,
    Came across this site accidentally and my memories again freshened up. Am an ex-SUMIAN of 1996 batch(Class XII Science). I really missed chatting with frens at Damber Chowk and having hot tea at ND during foggy days. Ferrazzinis is the very place where I relax with hot cup of coffee. And for hot steaming momos, its always New Restuarant. Its been so many years now and I wonder where my frens are and what are they doing. Anyways, would love to come back one day.


  14. Sam

    Hi everybody ,
    tripped on this site accidently and had this broad smile all the way till the end of this post chain. I love the place just the way you guys do. My maternal family is still there . Its been ages since I set my foot there but I know for sure that nothing would look changed when I go there. Its a beautiful land with beautiful people…
    Does anyone frm SAS 1990 batch remember Nurin Ishaque?


  15. Kuisang Huang

    Jai Ho Kalimpong, and Thanks to all kalimpong loving People. God bless our Kalimpong and God bless You all too. Very Glad and carried away by the wonderful words that you all have given to our Kalimpong town. I wish You all well and keep in touch where ever You are.


  16. Sharma Hem

    Kalimpongko photo dekhdata America bata farkera mero pyaro St Georgema nai auu jasto lagyo.Bhutan chodera Nepal ra nepal chodera America aye pani manle ta pedong ra kalimpongko pakha papakhero nai bhatkayera layo jasto lagcha.Mahendra Bagdas ra Siraj Singhlai mero pyaro samjhana.
    Sharma Hem
    128 Johnson Street
    Lynn City Massachussets



    i consider myself as a very lucky person because i was born in very beautifull place called KALIMPONG,and this feelings comesout only who are far from it. Anyway, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my frens in kalimpong and also for those who knows me.


  18. Shubhankar Adhikari

    It’s been only five years since I left Kalimpong for higher studies. The journey since then has been extremely tedious. Everywhere I go, I try to fix parallels to my lost hometown. So a particular shop on Park Street is 3C’s. Kerala’s expansive rivers are the Tista. Every cliff is the Honeymoon hill in Dr Graham’s Homes.
    Whoever said it did the right thing: you can take a person out of Kalimpong, but never Kalimpong out of him.


  19. hi friends, i am diwas, i am studying in delhi and i must say dat i terribly miss my kalimpong specially during this heated weather, sachi kalimpong is really a paradise, nothing parallels to it, i really miss it man………….


  20. samden lepcha

    hi,friends thanx 2 sending me kpg snaps,i really miss kpg.and i want to make some good friends in kpg becoz mero kpg ma sathi haru chahna mo sainu dheke nai delhi ma chu 2-3 saal ma 1 mahina ko lagi aay huncha tarah afnu manche haru bhetda thikai huncha r mo chanchu ki yo pali kpg aawonda mero pani sathi haru hos if u intresten mail id is


  21. Bidur Gurung

    hi friends i am bidur i love kalimpong i m from kpg and vill is tripai,mondal goan at present i am at lucknow uttar pradesh i cant forgot kpg kina bhane bahut kuch chha yaad gaar yaaden ra mo kpg audai chhu nov dec10 ma ra kpg ko yaad gaar place visit garchhu with my family ra goan ko sabai barha barhi mama maiju kaka kaki daju bhai bhaini ra sathi haru lai pranam chha


  22. Bidur Gurung

    To Navin daju…ma lucknow(up)maa chhu daju tapai us maa kailey janu bhayo hau daju na bhete ko pani 20 to 25yrs bhayo hola hagi daju mero yo bhanda pahila 10 to 12yrs communication nai thiena ra ahile sabai sanga baat hunchha maile yo site maa naam tapai ko jasto lagera lekhi hereko to tapai nai po rahechha navin gurung daju haren jaigoan maa nai chha bhutan maa service garchha, daju please send me your email id than i will always touch with u, daju mero id hai tapai ko pani pathaunu hos hai without forget ok your loving bhai bidur.


  23. Ananda Mishra

    Hi Pawfa,
    Do U remember me? My nick name is dulal and I was Ur nabour.
    Where is Ur brothers and sisters.And what they r doing. What about Anty & Uncle?
    And what U r doing?. I am still in Kpg. And doing bussiness. Please do reply if u can remember me. Bye.


  24. Bishal gurung

    Dear, kalimpong
    After a long time I got a chance to write few things about u. It’s feels realy nice to talk about u, now I’m in Singapore but I miss u n my school s.u.m.I very much. Feels just like yesterday wearing black n white feels just like yesterday going mala ground to main road with fren. Feels the pain just like yesterday got ” gauri bet” from my headmaster ( sir N R pradhan).that’s y the sir used to say one time u got ” gauri bet ” never forget in life time. I miss my school very much. Palden sir, Suva sir, kamal sir heart touchig speach ( there words) is enough to show the direction to students and some more not enough then there is still have a headmaster’s gauri bet. And it’s definetely works. My love to all the people of kalimpong.

    Miss u lov u see u soon .


  25. Amit Ray Delhi

    The Name Ananda Mishra sounds familiar.By any chance are you Mr.Moni Mishra’s son?
    I studied in Jubeliee School.


  26. lhawang tsh. lepcha

    hey .. this is a brilliant site. its a good idea to compile all the info under one roof .. ease of access.
    Kalimpong is a beautiful place, its a unseen beauty. I was born n raised there, and its still has the same feel as it did yrs ago for me.. [a lot more shops n students now but it still has that air of calmness that makes it warm and welcoming] even though in the couple of yrs the political situation has been on the rocks, i believe it will one day again return to its true form…



    i like kalimpong city because my birth place and there whether is so fine i love my village tripai hill mondal goan when i will come there n visit all place there is brother sister n maiju pl send me latest photograph of kalimpong city because i want to see my birth place malai saro yaad auchha naraayan dass infront of girls school that mela ground there is huge rush in 15 august so i will try to come on nov ya dec 10 after that i will visit all place i m in lucknow here is so hot now i m here because of job so last requet pl send me latest photo of kalimpong main place ok bye


  28. Sebastian

    Hi its Saby from Gujarat, you must be surprised. The girl I intend to marry is from Kalimpong and she is beautiful, just like the place. Wow. Thanks a lot bud..!


  29. Daya Shakya

    Hi Every body from Kalimpong

    I studied in the Kumudini homes if you know any finish high school in year 1971 please contact me.

    currently in USA


  30. J.B.Subedi Chhetri

    NAMASTE,to kalimpong,kalimpong college,teachers-mam ANUKAMPA SUBBA,Mr C.M.Dhamala,Mam Mridulina Chhetri and all the teachers.Always in memory comes the image of my teachers,my college, friendly people of kalimpong and the lovely abode of the Nepalese.I miss u all a lot though Iam a Bhutanese by citizen n now in the USA.Those,the above listed names,know me can write to me in my e-mail address as{jeevan_subedi 34 @}I respect my teachers,love my friends there,remember my college,appreciate the kind heart,friendliness,simple and humane view of kalimpng-people.THE COLLEGE GAVE IMPARTIAL OPPERTUNITY FOR LEARNING TO THE BHUTANESE REFUGEE PEOPLE .We are in great debt of it.I wish this college be a university.


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