Locals HOPE for a cleaner Kalimpong

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, August. 26. — A social organisation here has found new ways for better the hygienic standards in the hills. The Himalayan Organisation for People Education (HOPE) — a newly formed organization — will now be collecting waste scraps and bottles for collecting funds, after which it will be installing dustbins in and around the town.
The project ‘Wealth in waste’ by HOPE, is the first major plan for setting a cleanliness drive in the town. Addressing a conference attended by senior citizens, various NGOs and the representatives from different civic bodies, president of HOPE, Mr CK Shrestra said HOPE has initiated a long-term plan for the waste management crisis. “Generating awareness about better sanitation is the need of the hour. After a survey we have found that the citizens are equally enthusiastic for a proper water management. But the only major problem was non-implementation of any effective plan”.
Sponsored by the North Bengal Plastic Federation (NBPF), HOPE today installed about 23 dustbins in the town. “ The installation of dustbins is our first move towards our goal. We have realised that most people in the town area has no proper place to dispose the garbage”, Mr Shrestra said. Interestingly, the dustbins in green and red are for non-degradable and bio-degradable waste respectively.
But one of the major problems, the body is facing is the financial crunch. But HOPE has found has found a way out for collection of funds. The members have decided all sorts and scraps we sold to the NBPF ”, Mr Shrestra said.
HOPE has also planned to acquire land along with Kalimpong Municipality for burying the waste materials. “Awareness among students is also an important factor hence we will be going to schools”, he added.

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