Kumudini Pariwar’s “Let’s Run to Save the Hills”

On 15th September “Kumudini Pariwar”, the alumni of Kumudini Homes organized an inter-school sporting event in the Mela Ground with the theme “Let’s Run to Save the Hills”. This theme was chosen to help increase awareness amongst the students and the public about the landslide issues in the area.

The meet was attended by 200 students from the Kalimpong Sub-Division. The highlight of the event was the cross country race. The race started from Damber Chowk and covered a good portion of Kalimpong. The length of the course was 20 km for girls and 40 km for boys.

For the 40 km course the winner was Prawal Chettri from SUMI (52m 49sec); first runner up was Suraj Rai from Sai institute (55m 58 sec); and, second runner up was Rejong Lepcha, Dalapchand Junior High School (56m 47sec). For the 20 km course the winner was Sangita Rai, Janta Junior HIgh School (50m 42sec); runner up was Ambika Sharma, Sampu Junior High School (51m 45sec); and, second runner up was Sabitri Rai, Janta Junior High School (52m 44sec). Cash prizes were awarded to the winners for Rs. 5000, Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000 for the first three places.

Here are some photographs from the event:


4 thoughts on “Kumudini Pariwar’s “Let’s Run to Save the Hills”

  1. Pradeep rai

    Thanks,KUMUDINI PARIWAR’.Its a great job to have heart for others in supporting economically and socially at the time of need.PARIWAR,really working hard in building the carrear of thousands of school-going kids in various fields.Iam proud of being one of the members of pariwar.GOOD LUCK…………..LOVE TO KUMUDINI HOMES SCHOOL,KALIMPONG.


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