279th Birthday Anniversary of Lepcha last King Gaeboo Aachyok Celebrated in Kalimpong

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:51
Written by Kalimpongnews

Lepchas observes the 279th birth anniversary of King Gaeboo Aachyok (Photo: Chendup Lepcha)

KalimNews:Lepchas of Darjeeling District celebrated the 279 th birth anniversary of the Lepcha King Gaeboo Aachyok in Kalimpong. Thousands of Lepchas from all over the district assembled in Mela ground and shouted “Achuley” to greet each other. A small worship programme was also organised at Damsang gari a fort and refuge place of the late King near Algarah about 18 km away from Kalimpong by the District Level Lepcha Tribal association .

Lepchas are the aboriginal people of Eastern Himalayas and are found not only in the Darjeeling district but also in Sikkim and Nepal in huge number. Gaeboo was a political leader who fought with the Bhutanese and English people to save his vanishing tribe.

Gaeboo is thought of born in the Lungshyol near Mangzing about 10 km away from Oodlabari in the Gorubathan Block Division. According to records his territory extended from Paro Bhutan to Rhaenock in Sikkim. He was not very popular among the Bhutanese King as he use to protest against the oppression of Bhutanese King and his associates to the Lepcha subjects and he was compelled to leave Bhutan for good.

It is said that Gaeboo appeared during the first Bhutanese attack in Sikkim in 1668, during the reign of third (fourth?) King Debaraja, Chhoegyal Mijure Tempa of Bhutan during 1668-1670. A legend says that Gaeboo sought the help of Tibetan King for weapons to fight with the Bhutanese king.

A report says that during the period of fifth Dalai Lama, Bhutan invaded Sikkim and the southern parts were invaded. And during this war Gaeboo fought against Bhutan and was killed in the war. But the Sikimese history ignores the role of Gaeboo.

Another legend states that Gaeboo fought the Bhutaneese army from Damsang gari which is about km 18 away from Kalimpong near Algarah. Another legend also states that he fought the Bhutanese army from a fort called Dalim gari near Gorubathan and he was killed there. Though opinions and history differ but the existence of Gaeboo is approved by one and all.

In the celebration held today Lepcha leaders revived their demand of recognition of Lepcha language and inclusion of the language in the primary level as well as requirement of controversial Gorkha certificate for recruitment in military and para military forces.


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