About Kalimpong

This wiki article does a pretty good job of describing Kalimpong.

Since there has been so much written about Kalimpong online (not all of them very accurate unfortunately), I am simply going to add the better ones to the list of links.

92 thoughts on “About Kalimpong

  1. Karen

    Hi Kalimpong People,

    Finally a site that has pictures of Kalimpong’s great skyline and real current news and information.

    I found you through Google.
    Great job guys!!


  2. Javed Sultan

    This is Javed.Great work done.let me tell you how i saw this site.”I was missing kalimpong i was thinking how to see it,I thought if there should br a website I could see, But still i tried in google and searched I was surprised to see that i could see my kalimpong pictures.Its was really great i have chearished my moments by seeing the pictures.I appreciate the work done.Thank who ever did it.


  3. Navin Gurung

    Congratulations ! great website,informative and above all i can get some current affairs of my sweet home town Kalimpong… Keep it up guys we will always appreciate your effort..!!


  4. johnee

    hai kalimpong people and my anju:s family nice place to see wonderfull its a place to see in every bodys lifei cant forget in my life and regards to neyas family soonams family and barkas family. thank u kalimpong and all sweet familys in kalimpong…bye
    yours johney…


  5. Anant Tamang

    Very good website about the town, good to be in touch with Kalimpong even if you are not there !
    Good job guys please keep that spirit up and cheers>


  6. Ravi

    Hi! I was glad that you have some good thing going here. The people of Darjeeling is looking for a voice and it is great that you have provided one. It is high time “We the People” must speak and we cannot allow our inept, greedy and manipulative, so called leaders, to decide what is good for us.

    However, it would be even better if you allowed the people of Darjeeling district to speak on the issues by starting a discussion board and doing public polls online. It is high time a common platform must be provided to the people to rise against this tyranny of our leaders.

    Believe it or not, this is tyranny when people is being robbed of their freedom in the name of an elusive thing called tribal status – it is nothing but another gimmick to gain political mileage for another five years.


  7. It is a good site. Could you look at adding things like budget hotel details & tourist ofice details. It would help people like me from other part of the country to feel more at home knowing a bit before landing there.


  8. wazz…… up kalimpong? Its great that you guys have created an awesome website . well it has been almost eight months em missing a heaven ( especially Momos and Thukpas.


  9. rajeev

    These photographs bring out the tranquility,serenity,and the awesome natural beautythat god has provided mere mortals to feast there eyes on.It is power of nature that these pictures proposes to bring to the fore.Simply a Goregeous way of presenting such a beautiful remarkable and unforgattable place on earth.



    gr8 job guys…………very informative & fantastic effort to keep the map of KPG alive & rocking on the web world….It brings back those memories down the years gone by for those away from the lovable HUG of KPG. Pls keep update on the recent events taking place in KPG.


  11. Smita

    Hi guys, studied for 5 years in St. Joseph’s, kalimpong (many years ago-1977 was my last year there!), and haven’t been able to make it back since. Would love to see pictures of my old school, and get some info about it. Namely, is the school song still, “Deep in the valley by a swift flowing river….”, sung to the tune of the scottish national anthem? Are there still two houses, Annes and Mariannes? Does the school still go to the parade ground on 15th of August? Do the girls still wear tams(light blue in colour)? I have very fond memories of walking to school every morning, passing the orphanage above it, also run by our nuns? Does it still exist? Does the school still own the amount of land it did at that time? Please could you publish some recent photographs so I can show the same to my daughter? I would be very grateful. Thanks a ton


  12. hari

    Hi all,
    I am very very excited to find this incredible website for Kalimpong. I was there for 5 years from 1985 to 89 ( from 2nd class to 6th class ). School was beside of GUMPHA GROUND. I am Hari Krishna. I really miss this place. I use to to stay above CHANDRA LOKE in army quarters. I have lots of local friends over there. I was first Indian when army school was open. Hi frieds can I have pics of army school? If any one is having pics of GUMPHA GROUND, places above CHANDRALOKH it will be nice…
    Please do reply me…
    COngrats guys for this website…


  13. Hi ya all, I am so glad that I definately found what I was looking for. I was searcing for kalimpong gallery on google, and exactly came up. It was very impressive and reliable website.Well I used to live in D.S gurung road at the main centre of Kalimpong town.I miss Kalimpong every single day since I left from there. I had a lots of friends and some relatives back there. As the matter of the fact, I am from Nepal, so I was studying there. I spent almost twelve years (1989-2000) with my grandparents. Even though I am not in Kalimpong, this site make me feel like I am in Kalimpong. The place and know is totally huge different than Kalimpong. I havent seen any mountains and hills for five years. I live in big cities, so I am tired of keep looking at vechiles every day. Hope to see more evergreen kalimpong gallerys and information about kalimpong on this site all the time.
    Bishal Golay
    Texas, U.S.A


  14. prisca

    indeed a very good site,much obliged for providing us with it!
    “kalimpong”,the name that brings back many pleasurable memories!its one of the best place eva on earth.the warm seasons, 15th of august, mela at the beginning of the year, various festivals and the list goes on!phew!..small place with lots of things to catch up with.but at the end the credit goes to the people of this place.awesome people..friendliest and so easygoing!…i relish every moment of my schooling years and feel honoured to have spent it in this little haven!
    cheerz guyz!


  15. kushmita

    hey… very surprised to see this site. i find it great because this way, i can always look at my hometown from germany. i am missing kalimpong and my friends and family. it is the best way to reflect our passed old events, and still be in kontact. i love kalimpong. i think the site would be more enteresting if you could show many scenaries, culture, important places in kalimpong, and all that. but its a great work of somebody who is doing it. Respect!!! love to whole kpg. kushmita.


  16. aviral

    hi..all. As a person who has been away from this quiet and blissful town. It was indeed a pleasant feeling to come across this site I salute you guys for coming up with such a great site. Great Job!!!


  17. hey all namasta to all my brothers and sisters in kalimpong born and raised in ds gurung road currently living in north carolina usa i missed my hometown every time i look at thise site its remiens of my old memories so keep ur good job and make thise site beautiful peaceeeeee


  18. Niranjan

    your website gave the me the pleasure of my lost golden days passed with this heavenly soothing place named kalimpong. The memories suddenly passed came back like a fragrance of flowers i felt at kalimpong. The odds and evens i enjoyed in this city was great in bringing my personality. in ‘the generous lap’ of this city i grew to become young and face this challenging world. during these busy days when i came thorugh your website; it was like taking cold bath during hot summer days. thanks kalimpong admin for finding lost memories of not only mine but alot like mine. i will be in touch with you and will try to post some of my memories with photographs (if you permit and possible).
    My Profile : I was in kalimpong since 1989 till 1996 when i got a job and from then i am out of kalimpong. I studied at Central School and SUMI school. i participated in various functions organised there. i had a group of my freinds whom i have lost contacts; some due to my time liablities and some due to lack of communication. but via your website i will try to retrieve them back if you assist me. One or two of my freinds is still in kalimpong whom i miss alot. some of them are :

    (1) Amit
    (2) Samuel
    (3) Vijay Moktan
    (4) Rajkumar Thakur (Madhuban Saloon)
    (5) Rajkumar
    (6) Prem
    (7) Nirnay
    (8) Bhavana
    (9) Pooja
    (10) Vishnu
    (11) Maria
    and many more to write

    any one of my batch can contact me at my e-mail address : niranjan_yadav31@rediffmail.com

    Thanks. Will meet you again


  19. Hi Friends,

    First of all thanks for this awesome website. It makes me feel that I am in my hometown even when i am in Kathmandu, Nepal. Beside, I would like to say hello to all my friends of Kalimpong and specially to the batch mate of 1996 (ex-SUMI). Chinlop you have done a great job, hope to see you someday man.

    Phurba Sherpa
    Murgi-Hatta, Kalimpong


  20. Waseem Hasan

    I was in Kalimpong in year 1978.. I met some wonderful people Pradhan Family. My memories is full of them and I am try to get in touch with them . especially a girl name Nita. Pradhan. It will be great if i will able to track her.


  21. Waseem Hasan

    I got carried away finding a website on Kalimpong that i forgot to mention about it. Excellent job..
    keep the good work on. Sky is not the limit…
    Thanks for bringing me back down the memmory lane..


  22. amon chemjong

    Hey Phurba da wazzzzzzzzz up? me too em from Chicken village ( Murgi hatta)… newayz namaste to kalimpong…. it must pretty cold outthr…. can u search a gal name Mankey ( DGH student) from SUMI compound…. if you come down to banglore,keep touh with me on 09986044530.


  23. Navin/New York

    If there is Heaven on Earth I guess that should be Kalimpong although I left my hometown some 24 years back in one hot summer dog day in Paradise and I never dared to look back that heaven again because I already made a habit to live in Hell…but just the memory of that Sweet Kalimpong makes this hell freezes over and I feel good…. I reluctantly accepted base ball as my favourite past time instead of that soccer match between SUMI & Sikkim Guard back in sixties…those were the days disappeared without letting us know that the time is running out….and it ran out just like that and I cried alone for hours in the memory of my sweet home town Kalimpong still shining by the ridge…


  24. Imtiaz, Philadelphia

    Hi all,

    Y’day while watching “Exotica” on MTV, I was awed by the beauty in Kalimpong. I say i gotta visit this place as soon as i’m back in India. Love it guys. If you cost post tourist info on a seperate tab, how to hang out like a local, etc, it’ll be awesome.

    Best Wishes,


  25. candice french

    hey all,
    This is so great to know that we have a website m proud to c kalimpong on the web.i’ll never forget my years living there in dr grehams n studing there.thanks to who ever created this site.
    heart felt wishes to all n god bless


  26. sandeep kumar kc

    Studied in SUMI passed out WBSE in 96

    Presently working as Food and Wine Magazine assitant editor,Wine Sommelier and lecturer of Hotel Managment subjects.

    great nostalgie hit me back…great job guys

    looking forward to see sumi guys and my first love from saint convent.


  27. nidhi rai

    SJC was great. I’ll miss the josephite family and my dear friends ,always keep the school flag flying high.I cheerish all those golden days spent in sjc like childrens day,school sports, long assemblies & so on.
    Truely SJC was my second home,’ a home of love & comfort’.


  28. Rinchen

    Heh! does anyone know how to get ahold of Rajani Sunam and Sanjeev Sunam? How about Srijana Pandey, Pranai Sylvester Rai, Lezo Putsure, Satya Deep, Rishi-Raj, Sweta Rai…this list could really go on and on but if any of these name ring a bell..let me know. Oh! This Rinchen Bhutia(Druk Restaurant)


  29. kishore labar

    hello Kalimpong,

    How i can say i love kalimpong, really i miss lot i want to be there,i am in delhi with small family happy but i miss kalimpong lot.
    all the best



  30. krishna roka

    I am glad to hear about Bimal Gurung and his sincere opposition for a just cause.

    Sun 27 July 1986 massacre at Kalimpong happened due to the instigation by Subash Gheising who was staying comfortably in Darjeeling and even now. The government of India hushed up and corrupted Subash Gheising to deceive the straightforward people of Kalimpong. I appeal to respected Bimal Gurung and all my beloved Kalimpong folks that the best way for progress of Kalimpong is to merge with the State of Sikkim. Let Subash Gheising and Darjeeling keep playing around . For Kalimpong the best policy will be to stay away from Gheising’s nonsense.


  31. Sonam Tshering

    Would like to say hi to all my Kpg folks out there.
    Lived in Kpg from birth till 1988 then moved to Delhi.Kpg is a great place.I was last there in 2005 and noticed that things have changed since the last time I was in 1996 but it is still the best place.Kalimpong is and will always be my home and will be returning home maybe after 15 years to finally settle down for good.

    Until then wish you all the very best.


  32. Sonam Tshering

    Well Gheising made a neat few crores and made fools of the innocent people of Kpg and disturbed the peace and tranquility of our place.It’s time people realised that he is doing all this for his own personal benefit.


  33. Sonam Tshering

    Gheising surely does not have any love lost for Kpg,he is only concerned about his own personal profit.Somebody should surely question him about the money given to him by the Indian Government for the hill development, it was not given to him to keep his pocket full but for the welfare of all those people who had suffered so much in the course of agitation.


  34. Maya

    I guess nobody wants to lose six inch. Ghising’s gundagardi seem to have worked in the Hills. Untill and unless people join hands together against this corrupt man nothing is going to happen. He has successfully divided the people of Hills and given birth to Gundagiri.


  35. krishna roka

    I appeal to all the youngsters of Kpg not to get involved in any activities using force. GNLF is a corrupt gang and is not at all for the welfare of the people specially kpg.GNLF
    is a private company with Subash Gheising as the chairman.
    Now there is one other thing – this is not the 80’s or 90’s where use of force was not taken very seriously. Now the terrorist tag ma be applied once weapons are involved and civilians are harmed and terrorised.
    Even if the weapon is a simple khukuri, it is still a weapon which can terrorise normal human life.
    This is after Sept 11, 2001. The world is fighting terrorism, be it for a local cause or international, a terrorist is still a terrorist. There is no place to hide like the old days. There is super high tech to even smell you out from anywhere you try to hide.


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