BSNL users on call waiting

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Aug. 29. — Call it an act of dominance by the officials of BSNL. Despite guidelines set by Telephone Regulatory Act of India (TRAI) — an apex body of telecommunication in India — which demands for refund of any kind of security deposit within sixty days, the BSNL here is taking as long as five years for such refunds.
Just a couple days ago the Darjeeling District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DDCDRF), acting against the complaint of Mr NP Dikskit, from Kalimpong ordered the BSNL for refunding of his security deposit of Rs 2000 with interest and an extra sum of Rs 1000 as the, ‘compensation for harassment’. In this instance Mr Dikskit had surrendered his SIM for post-paid (cell one services) in December 2004. “ I bought the BSNL service last year in March but decided to surrender after using it for some months. Finally when I handed over the SIM and demanded back the security deposit, a BSNL official said the process would take as long as six months. After a number of written complaints to the finance department and the general manager (BSNL) we decided to file a case at the consumer court in Darjeeling in August (2005)”, Mr NP Dikskit who is also the president of Kalimpong Consumers Association said. Accordingly the court has stated that the security deposit along with compensation harassment should refunded by the BSNL within a month of this verdict.
Unfortunately this not a lone incident. A number of such cases have been dealt by the KCA. ” This has even happened with landline telephone users with the BSNL taking as long as five years for refunding of a mere 1000 rupess”, secretary of KCA, Mr Prafulla Rao said.
According to BSNL sources there are more than 100 such pending cases in Kalimpong, itself. Just today itself a resident of Kalimpong Miss G Pradhan came forward claiming that she too had surrounded her mobile SIM in the last week of January 2004, but has been refunded till-date. “ It’s been more than a year and the nothings seems to work with this (BSNL) corporate. They have simply irritating me, as every time I visit their office the ask to go down to Siliguri”, Miss Pradhan said.
The KCA has also demanded that a senior financial officer should also be transferred to Kalimpong, as a person cannot visit down to Siliguri for even petty financial matters.
The Sub-Divisional Officer of Telecom (SDOT) Mr D Deb claimed of not having been aware of this issue, which has been taking place in here for quite some time now, further only disheartening phone users.

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