‘Democratic consciousness’ to be developed

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Oct. 31. — Fostering “democratic consciousness” among hill students, senior educators of Kalimpong College after having attended eight-day resource training programme at Bangalore will now be initiating measures to develop the attitude.
The programme, to be conducted this November, will target a section of students, whom the college lacks, it feels. “The student selection will be done through a questionnaire,” lecturer of the Nepali department (Kalimpong College) Dr Diwakar Pradhan said. Dr Pradhan was one among the two representatives from the college in the programme organised by the New Delhi based Educational Research Center (ERC) in Bangalore early this month.
The seven colleges which took part in the programme titled “training programme on democratic values for students” were selected on the basis of assignments submitted by them.
“A total of 30 students will be qualified for the project. That will be done on the basis of a model plan,” said Dr Pradhan. College principal Dr R Dhakal said the measure also targets to set a civic sense among students. “We will also choose students from the science and commerce stream,” he said.
The college administration will also be holding seminars and workshops in concern of the affair.


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