Month of ill omen dogs hill issues: GNLF

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Nov. 2. — It’s break time for hill politicos. While festivity has the hills rejoicing, the GNLF claimed that the onset of “Karthik” — a Nepali month of ill omen for the superstitious — has made their chief, Mr Subash Ghisingh remain silent over the hill issues his party has placed before the state and the Centre.
Kalimpong GNLF branch president, Mr Dawa Pakhrin said that the GNLF’s silence is mainly due to the month of Karthik. “It is believed that projects undertaken during this month are pre-determined to be unsuccessful; that is why our chief has been silent,” he said, speaking on behalf of Mr Ghisingh. Karthik will be over by the third week of November.
The GNLF, however, maintained that it would pursue the cause of the sixth schedule once the month is over.
Even chairman of the opposition coalition, PDF, Mr Madan Tamang claimed that it is due to the festive season that the hill opposition has chosen to remain silent about the issues. Speaking about a fixed agenda once celebrations are over, Mr Tamang said: “We formed a new committee during the last PDF convention. However, we held an informal meeting today to discuss some of the issues.” Mr Tamang also hinted at a major PDF convention this month.
The GNLF claims, however, have been ridiculed by chief convener of GNLF(C) (a faction of PDF), Col (retd) DK Pradhan. He said that superstitious factors have nothing to do with politics. “Chances of attaining the sixth schedule status are slim, and so, Mr Ghisingh has no option but to stay quiet. Even the government has no option but to stay silent. They seem irritated with Mr Ghisingh’s moves,” Col (retd) Pradhan said.
“We will now work towards the demand for a separate state. This is the only solution to fulfil aspirations of hill people,” he added. The GNLF(C) will complete its third year of formation on 15 November.
However, political stagnation is dogging the state government that has remained silent over GNLF demands for sixth schedule and the Opposition’s claims of holding council elections. Confusion has become more confounded with uncertainly prevailing about the council and panchayat polls. It remains to be seen whether state assembly elections, due in May 2006, will progress as scheduled.

3 thoughts on “Month of ill omen dogs hill issues: GNLF

  1. To The Hill Council,
    I think Mr.Subash Gishing should leave the chair now and give chance to other council member to rule.He has fooled all Neplese all these years and made money.Hope some body honest will take over and do right thing and not scare people with all his paid dogs around.


  2. Mr.Subash Ghishing is cheating the people. He should leave politics now and take sanynas. its high time people realise that he is cheating them and they should so someting about it.


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